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Title of the Partnership: “When the expression and the creativity meet the fantasy of little children”



Today’s socio-economic reality shapes a new operation framework on of the nursery school and will require a quality education and development of participatory teaching methods, having as a goal the children’s all sides development  and their smooth socialization, in order that they be read to face the “information and knowledge society”, where they are going to live.

      This goal will be achieved by a programme of relevant activities (including ICT) within the creative and expression area of the Nurseries.

     During the plan, the children using their imagination will present plays, musical fables and games, puppet show, will create puppets, stories, songs and poems, they will experiment with the variety of the technique of colors, they will compose creations with different materials and they will exchange dances, songs, fairy tails and customs with the children of other countries of the partnership, getting the sense that they are a part of a larger world than their town or country.

     The programme ties 9 schools which represent over 1100 students of nursery schools from East, West, North and South of Europe and gives the opportunity to infants and teachers through their participation to enforce their European identity, knowing other European people.

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