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ERASMUS+ project Healthy Body Healthy Mind  1.09.2021- 01.09.2022


In 2020 Sookure kindergarten joined the network of health-promoting kindergartens. Some of our teachers and the health care specialist found that  there is too much sugar added in the kindergarten menu, children eat few vegetables and salads, and there is a lot of food waste. Also we noticed that the percentage of overweight children has increased in recent years, and children's physical performance and desire to participate in various physical activities has decreased.  Those were the reasons we started this project.  During project writing process we noticed that our  physical education curriculum need  some changes and some good ideas from others, to be modern. Because of Covid virus recent years our health care specialist and our mangament team noticed that our teachers as become unmotivated and tired.


We set three main goals for our project:

  1. Children are aware of healthy food, are able to analyse the menu, know how food waste is generated and their role in reducing  it. They can to healthy food choices.
  2. All children in kindergarten take part in physical education activities with pleasure. Activities are diverse and exciting. Kindergarten physical education curriculum is updated.
  3. Playschool staff are motivated and notice mental exhaustion for themselves as well as children. Staff are satisfied, enjoy working with pleasure and are able to come up with unexpected situations.


We had job shadowing a kindergartens  in Croatia, Portugal and Slovenia and lot of activities with children and teachers in our kindergarten. We wrote also one Etwinning projects. From job shadowing we found lot of good ideas, what we can use in our day to day life and. We found project partners for the next Erasmus project.


Kindergarten menu has become healthier, new foods has been added. The amount of food waste has decreased. We  paid more attention to overweight children and their food choices. We tried new activities and project learning in physical education activities and we found that children liked this. Overweight children take part physical education activities.  For kindergarten staff there were many trainings and events and in the end of the year they give better points of self assessment  then last year.  


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